Press Kit

Game Name: Super Mad Cow
Game Website:
Developer: C3P1 Creations
Developer Website:
Platforms: iOS & Android

About Super Mad Cow

  • Free to play.
  • Earn action figures including Kyle the Llama, Disco Jack, Yes Man, Violent Dentist and more.
  • Hit jumps for high score and to earn special unicycles.
  • Collect coins to get action figures.
  • Throw bowling pins (or other juggling items) to leave a wake of mayhem.


Super Mad Cow Trailer:

Screenshots, Logos and Other Fun Stuff:
Content included in the zip file listed below.

Super Mad Cow Logo – White Background

Super Mad Cow Logo – Blue Background

C3P1 Creations Logo

Animated gifs

Icon: 256×256

Icon: 1024×1024

Splash: 2208×1242

Screenshots (in sizes 1242×2208; 1242×2688; 2048×2732)

Action Figure Collage

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